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2 months


For over a decade, photography has been a cherished hobby of mine and an integral part of my daily routine. I carry my camera with me at all times, always on the lookout for interesting subjects to capture. Through my passion for photography, I have amassed a vast collection of thousands of pictures and videos. It is this love for photography that motivated me to undertake this project. My aim is to showcase my fascination with capturing moments through photography and videography. Whether it's my family, random strangers on the street, or stunning landscapes, I take photos and videos almost daily using both my phone and my camera. This project is a compilation of data from September 17th to September 24th and includes over 100 photographs and videos, each offering a unique perspective. The photographs and videos have been divided into various categories, including those taken with my camera or phone, indoor/still life shots, outdoor/landscape scenes, family, and people.