Pawsitively Clean


My role

  • Illustrator
  • Researcher
  • UX Designer


  • Pen & paper
  • iPhone camera
  • Affinity Designer
  • Apple Keynote


3 months


In a busy city, dog owners often forget to pick up after their dogs, resulting in littered sidewalks and parks. This problem not only creates an unpleasant environment, but it also poses a health risk to other people and pets. To address this issue, this project was designed to help dog owners remember to pick up after their dogs.


The problem was identified through a series of surveys and interviews with dog owners, who reported that they often forget to bring a bag or forget to pick up after their dogs due to a busy schedule or distraction.


Based on the research, several ideas were generated to address the problem, including creating a reminder system, designing a more visually appealing bag dispenser, and providing bags at key locations.

The location


Early concepts

At early stages of this project, I thought some signs would work.


Beyond simple signs

I wanted to explore creative solutions instead of relying solely on traditional signs to remind dog owners to pick up after their pets. The aim was to find a solution that was not only functional but also visually appealing and cute. Regular signs often go unnoticed, and I wanted to avoid this by creating a friendly reminder that people would enjoy seeing. I sought to create a solution that was not just an eyesore, but something that people would appreciate and be reminded by in a positive way.

Final Designs